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The popularity of our tennis courts is through the roof. And why not, given that they spare you from the year-round maintenance tied to traditional hard courts? Most traditional courts incur annual expenses as part of a recurring maintenance plan, but with our synthetic courts maintenance costs never come into play. And speaking of play, you be hard pressed to find a court that embodies the look and feel of a natural grass court more than ours.The artificial turf range of 15-20mm is suitable for tennis fields. Fibrillated yarns artificial grass,such as BST,GST are the best choices.
1) Soft as the same as natural grass
2) Environmentally friendly
3) Low-sliding resistance
4) High wear resistance
5) No-climate limited
6) High UV-stability
7) Good dimension stability
8) High burning resistance
9) Very good drainage
10) Long use life

Soccer fields
We provide professional artificial grass for soccer.
Tennis Sports
Comfort and Safety
artificial turf for tennis Kindergarten play
Fibrillated and monofilament.
Grass for kindergarten
Natural Appearance
artificial turf for leisure

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