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    The Artificial Lawn Construction Craft  

. The construction preparation
1. Artificial turf preparation: Before carrying the turf out of the warehouse, checking the lawn amount, color and model number and quality. Prep-aring for the lawn spreads installing construction diagram and its flat surface position.
2. Assistant material preparation: Before the construc-tion, transiting the assisted materials to the construction spot for insp-ection, including: Quartz sand, special glue and glue tape, rubber grain. To well prepare for the construction in order to prevent results in otiose mistake work.
3. Tools preparation: Before spread-installing, all tools should be shifted to the construction spot in advance, including 20 special cuts grass knives,4 small trolleys, 2 sets of glue mixer, 20 hold special sand-combs, 10 hold of the hard hair brush, 1 piece of engineering use felt and a set of measure tools etc.
4. The personnel preparation: 15 spread installing workers should sweep the field before the artificial lawn being carried to the field to prepared for starting construction.
5. Foundation preparation: Before entering a field to construction, cleaning the foundation. And the surface should be neat, dry, with no miscellaneous articles or objects, free from pollution.
6.Weather request: Construction under lower temperature is prohibited.
II. Measuring and line laying
A. Construction tools and materials: Theodolite, water level instrument each one set, Steel nails some( 30 cm above) , red paint, the hammer, small white line, 100 m steel ruler, white lime etc. tool and material.
B. Construction conditions: a. According to the spot client request to line out the construction field and expand 5 meters above than the real construction area to line out. b. The client provides the original signing height point. (Or make sure the relative signing height point according to the spot catchments and the road construction circumstance)
C. The Construction measurement:
a. Assure the level square mesh according to the field actual circumstance, original sign height point and the client request to determine the right sign height position. That is to say, to nail one rock drill apart from 5 meters , and put lines unify and well signed with red paint . Especially on the four directions big capes of the field, nailing some obvious protection symbols to prevent the destroy.
b. To adjust the real sign height point position according to the spot slope, tendency and the size to reduce deviation occurrence in the following constructions.
c. In each of the following constructions, sign height point should be homologously corrected to attain the control for many times, to recheck at every step and to examine at every layers. If there are any error and revising in time, allowing an error margin of 1/1000.
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